The Zhd - HDMI Switcher is designed to select up to five HDMI sources and route them to a single HDMI output.
It switches the entire HDMI signal, including video, audio and the critical encryption signal for copyright protection.
It does not decode HDMI signals. It does not alter or degrade the HDMI signal in any way. It also includes a switchable
HDMI boost function to increase the strength of the HDMI output when it is attached to a long HDMI cable run. The Zhd is
fully HDCP compliant. You can control the Zhd by the front panel, IR remote, RS-232 or automatically, by linking it to a
Parasound 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Controller. The Zhd does not have to be visible or accessible unless you wish to
operate it manually with its front panel buttons.

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