Discontinued Products

The P/DD-1550 is an upgraded version of the P/DD-1500. The main difference between these two units is the addition of DTS decoding circuitry. Otherwise, all the instructions from the P/DD-1500 manual are applicable.


  • Four Inputs -
       Allows you to connect several source units, including laserdisc players, DVD players, DSS receivers, and most other digital transports. Inputs include one with built-in RF demodulator for laser disc players, two digital coaxial inputs, and one digital TOSlink optical input.

  • Three Signal Processing Modes -
       Select two channel Stereo, Dolby ProLogic, or Dolby Digital (AC-3) processing, depending on the source material. Automatic detection and selection of Dolby Digital encoded material. Two channel digital material can be decoded in stereo or Pro Logic.

  • Lucasfilm Cinema RE-Equalization -
       Proprietary technology corrects for the high frequency boost mixed into soundtracks that make movies played back at home sound unnaturally bright.

  • Dynamic Range Control -
       This variable control allows you to maintain excellent audio level of digital movies which have a wide dynamic range. Especially useful low listening levels.

  • Dialog Normalization -
       Compensates for the drastic change in loudness that can occur when you change between different source material.

  • Front Panel Display -
       Provides complete system status including active channels, center, and surround delay times, signal lock indication, and Dynamic Range.

  • Bass Management Selector and Surround Channel Selector Switches -
       Allows you to adjust the bass capabilities of your speakers and whether or not you have a subwoofer. Settings include: Left, Center and Right Channel full range for no subwoofer; Left, Center and Right Channel full range and subwoofer full range; Left Center and Right Channel high pass and sub low pass THX filter. Allows you to assign the bass capacity of your surround channel speakers. Choose Bass Filter On for smaller surround speakers or Bass Filter Off for larger surround speakers.

  • Selectable Center Channel Operation -
       Depending on your Center Speaker, you can choose either Large(THX setting), Small, or None (Phantom) with your P/DD-1500.

  • Center Channel Delay -
       Assures that sound from front left, center, and front right channels arrives to the listener at the exact same time even if the speaker is placed in line with the left and right speakers. Critical in making the surround illusion effective.

  • Adjustable Surround Delay Times -
       Allows you to choose the amount of time it takes sound from the surround channel speakers to follow the sound from the front speakers. Improves the overall surround effect.

  • Two RCA Analog Outputs -
       Allows you to connect the front left and right audio outputs to any spare inputs so you can continue to use the THX, Analog Dolby ProLogic, and Ambience processing circuitry built into the P/SP-1500. Also allows the P/DD-1500 to be used as a high quality two channel stereo digital to analog converter.

  • Other Features -
       Built-in RF demodulator circuitry, 20 bit Zoran 38500 Dolby Digital Decoder, 20 bit filters and 20 bit Burr-Brown PCM-63-J D/A converters (front channel), Burr-Brown PCM-1702 D/A converters (left surround, right surround, and low frequency effects channel), Low jitter Crystal CS8412 digital receiver, Independent regulated power supplies.


  • Frequency Response
        All Channels: Dolby Digital 5Hz-20 kHz, LFE 5 Hz-120 Hz
  • Harmonic Distortion
        Front: Dolby Digital: < 0.002%
        Center: Dolby Digital: < 0.002%
        Rear: Dolby Digital: < 0.002%
        Subwoofer: Dolby Digital: < 0.002%
  • Input Sensitivity
        All Inputs: Dolby Digital: Cinema 47k Ω
  • Input Impedance
        All Inputs: Dolby Digital :47k Ω
  • IM Distortion
        Dolby Digital :< 0.03%
  • Weight
        14 lb.
  • Dimensions
        19" wide x 3-1/2" high x 13" deep 4-1/8" high with feet
  • Power Requirements
        110V - 120V 60 Hz AC, 19W
  • PDD-1550 includes dts decoding