Parasound products which are purchased from anyone other than an Authorized Parasound Dealer are expressly excluded from Parasound's warranties. Parasound's warranties, like our products, are exceptional. Don't make the mistake of buying from someone who has chosen not to meet our qualifications, and in doing so run the risk of being sold not only the wrong product, but one for which you have no warranty protection!

In order to insure maximum customer satisfaction, Authorized Parasound Dealers are prohibited from selling our current products by phone, mail, or over the internet. Parasound's sole authorized internet & mail order dealer is Audio Advisor. Their contact information is shown when you click on Internet & Mail Order. Anyone not listed under Retail Stores, Custom Installers or Resellers is probably not authorized, cannot offer Parasound's warranty and usually cannot supply Parasound merchandise after you have paid for it. Please contact Parasound directly to verify if anyone who purports to be a Parasound dealer is authorized by Parasound before you buy. You can call the Parasound office at 415 397-7100 Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm Pacific time or email us at sales@parasound.com.

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