Discontinued Products

The C/BD-2000s unique patented CD Belt Drive design delivers analog-like musicality unavailable in other compact disc transports. Every part within each circuit has been painstakingly selected for optimum quality and performance. The C/BD-2000 has numerous convenience features which may not be obvious unless you take the time to learn about them. Please take a few moments now to read these instructions completely before you proceed. Whenever you are in doubt, refer to this instruction manual


  • Unique CD Belt Drive Design
  • FR-4 Glass Epoxy Circuit Boards
  • Rugged Transport Mechanism
  • Precision Resistors and Capacitors
  • Built-In Coaxial Digital Output
  • High Mass Heavily Damped Chassis
  • AES/EBU Output Module Included
  • Fully Remote Controlled
  • Upgradeable to ST Optical Digital Output
  • External IR Connector
  • Scientific Conversion AES/EBU Transformer
  • Fully Programmable
  • Drive Motor Vibrations Isolated from Spindle
  • Phosphor Bronze Main Bearing
  • Massive 3/4 lb Disc Clamp


  • Coaxial Digital Output:
       75 Ω RCA, 0.5 V peak-to-peak
  • AES/EBU Output:
       110 Ω XLR, 5 V peak-to-peak
  • Disc Defect Tracking:
       Up to 2000 M
  • Dimensions and Weight:
       19" wide x 3 1/4" high (4 5/8" with feet) x 15 1/4" deep; 23 lb
  • Power Requirements:
       120 V - 120 V AC 15 watts, may rewire to 220 V - 240 V