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Our three channel HCA-1203A is the ideal way to bring home theater to an existing stereo system. Use it to power the left, center and right channels, and your existing amp for the surround channels.


  • Circuitry designed by John Curl
  • THX Ultra-certified
  • Direct Coupled -- no capacitors or inductors in signal path
  • DC Servo and relay protection circuits
  • High bias Class A/AB operation
  • 1.6 kVA Toroid power transformer with independent secondary windings for each channel, 100,000 F power supply filter capacitance
  • Independent power supplies for each channel
  • Input stages use hand matched complementary JFETs
  • 30 beta-matched 15 amp, 50 MHz bipolar output transistor
  • AC present, standby/normal, current overload indicators
  • Rear mounted gain controls and rear handles
  • 12 volt DC automatic turn-on circuitry; ground lift switch 
  • Tiffany-style RCA input jacks
  • Gold-plated 5 way speaker binding posts
  • Custom designed removable IEC AC cord
  • 3 rack space height front panel
  • Rack mounting adapter available


  • Continuous Power Output
        > 140 x 3 watts per channel at 8 Ω
        > 200 x 3 watts per channel at 4 Ω
  • Lucasfilm THX Home Cinema approved
  • Current Capacity
        45 amps peak current per channel, DC servo control
        18 Beta-matched 15 amp 60 MHz Bipolar outputs
  • Direct coupled
        no capacitors or inductors in signal path
  • Rear mounted gain controls
  • Matched JFET Inputs, less than 0.1% THD
  • 1.5kVA power transformer, 90,000 f
  • Power supply
        Current overload indicators
        Removable IEC AC cord
        Gold plated 5 way binding posts, tiffany-style jacks
  • High powered 5 channel THX amplifier
  • Modular Channel design
  • 12 Vdc Automatic-on trigger circuitry