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Home Theater Review (April, 2014)
"A feature-packed product with nearly everything the digital and analog audiophile could hope for all wrapped up in one pretty package. The P 5 does a wonderful job of resolving fine details in music... captures and delivers it wonderfully, with sumptuous richness and oodles of warmth... exceptional imagine and soundstage capabilities. Overall, I adore the ergonomics of the P 5, I love its twist knob input selector, I love its volume knob... I just adore touching the thing, to be quite frank about it. And with the vast bulk of my digital music collection, I simply adore listening to it."

SoundStage, June 2014
"I was surprised by the A 23's clarity, soundstaging, and natural sound. I estimate that the combination of it and Parasound's recently reviewed Halo P 5 preamplifier will result in sound that is unassailable in quality by any other combination of components that can be bought for a like amount. The A 23 sounded surprisingly good from the moment I first turned it on. Several months later, I hated to turn it off for the last time and send it back."

Apple Computer© and Tomlinson Holman

Two years after Tom Holman, famed audio inventor, joined Apple he requisitioned four Parasound
JC 1 mono power amplifiers to bi-amp his reference sound system. While Tom can't tell us what he's working on we expect it's going to be big with an R&D budget to match. Obviously, Apple can afford to buy the finest and most expensive audio amplifiers on the planet. They chose to simply go with the finest.
If you don't recognize Tom's name, among his many other accomplishments, he is the T & H in THX which was created during his years at Lucasfilm, the author of Sound and Cinema, Principal Investigator for multi-media engineering research at the National Science Foundation, retired Professor of Film Sound (University of Southern California), holder of 23 patents and the winner of an Academy Award. We're honored that Tom chose Parasound for his ongoing research.