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The Absolute Sound Review (August, 2014)
"Fortunately the essential character and balance of the standard JC 3 remains intact in the "+" version— the air, the impression of warmth and bloom, the fully realized timbres, and the three-dimensional continuity of the soundscape. Backgrounds are still eerily quiet, instrumental colors ripe, and channel separation exquisite. But then there's just a little something more. Curl's application of choice go-fast bits-and-tweaks adds up to speed and resolution improvements of consequence."

Home Theater Review (April, 2014)
"A feature-packed product with nearly everything the digital and analog audiophile could hope for all wrapped up in one pretty package. The P 5 does a wonderful job of resolving fine details in music... captures and delivers it wonderfully, with sumptuous richness and oodles of warmth... exceptional imagine and soundstage capabilities. Overall, I adore the ergonomics of the P 5, I love its twist knob input selector, I love its volume knob... I just adore touching the thing, to be quite frank about it. And with the vast bulk of my digital music collection, I simply adore listening to it."

SoundStage, June 2014
"I was surprised by the A 23's clarity, soundstaging, and natural sound. I estimate that the combination of it and Parasound's recently reviewed Halo P 5 preamplifier will result in sound that is unassailable in quality by any other combination of components that can be bought for a like amount. The A 23 sounded surprisingly good from the moment I first turned it on. Several months later, I hated to turn it off for the last time and send it back."