Audio Advisor
United States (only)
Toll-Free Information/Orders: (800) 942-0220
Catalog Request Hotline: (800) 451-5445
24-Hour FAX: (616) 656-9592

Authorized to sell Halo, NewClassic, Zcustom, C series and B stock

Acoustic Sounds
United States (only)
Toll-Free Information/Orders: (800) 716-3553

Authorized to sell phono preamplifiers only

Safe and Sound, Inc.
United States (only)
(413) 594-6460
Toll-Free Information/Orders: (800) 820-6460

Authorized to sell Halo, NewClassic, Z Custom B stock only

Please beware of on-line dealers offering Parasound for sale and claiming that Parasound warranties apply. If such alleged "dealers" are not listed on Parasound's website their claims are false. Prices that are "too good to be true" are bait for the unwary. If you order from an unauthorized dealer you risk exposing yourself to credit card fraud and identity theft.